How would it feel to NEVER wonder again if it was the "right time" to work on your goals AND know that no matter what happens in the Universe, you are always aligned with the cosmic energy at hand?
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At this point, we're all familiar with the dreaded "Mercury in Retrograde" phenomenon... but are retrogrades really that bad? Or is there a way to work with their unique energy and actually BENEFIT from it?

The answer to that is YES!! And to help you make the most of all the retrograde events happening this year, we've created the Ultimate Guide to 2022 Retrogrades here at Astrology Answers. But before we share more about this guide, you should know WHY it's so important for your personal development to work WITH the energy of retrogrades, instead of fighting against them- or pretending they're not happening!
It's Time to Reconsider Retrogrades
It's a brand new year, and we're sure lots of you have goals, resolutions, intentions- whatever you want to call them, you have BIG plans for 2022. Which is amazing! But it's unfortunately common to lose momentum on our big plans the further we get from January, no matter how fully we're devoting ourselves to our growth.

Sometimes, it feels like we're "doing everything right", but we still can't seem to make out results click. OR, as if we're being blocked by 'unforeseen circumstances' in our lives...

Are they really all unforeseen though? Well... not if you know where to look. And retrograde energy is a great place to start looking! Whether you're new to astrology or a seasoned practitioner, using this energy wisely is going to help you SO MUCH when it comes to navigating the right energy you need to keep on track with your personal development.
Ready to Have Your Best Year Ever?
In 2022, there are going to be TWENTY THREE different retrograde events happening. And knowing how to use those energies- knowing when to push and when to pause, when to focus on relationships (or avoid them altogether!), when you need to exercise caution- is going to help you hit those big goals you've set.

OR, you can spend another year doing the same things, wondering why you didn't achieve everything you wanted to this year.

With ALL of that in mind, we created the Ultimate Guide to 2022 Retrogrades just for YOU, our loyal and curious community, to help you make the most out of the year ahead.

This guide has EVERYTHING you need to know about these major cosmic events- how often they happen, which retrogrades have the biggest impact, where they affect different aspects of your life, when the best times to work with retrograde energy are, what to do or what NOT to do during a retrograde, and more.

And then, so you REALLY get the most benefit out of this guide, we've outline every single retrograde event happening this year, in detail; when it starts, how long the retrograde will last, what sign it start and ends in, how to work with THAT specific planetary and zodiac combination, which sings will be impacted the most during that retrograde...

This guide really has everything you need, to learn how to work with and harness the power of these might astrological events.

So if you're sitting there, reading this page and nodding your head, remembering retrogrades past where you got derailed from your goals and lost sight of your priorities- hit the checkout button below and order your guide NOW. Within the hour, you'll have your energetic cheat sheet ready to go for the year ahead.

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You Asked... We Answered!
"I always see my friends talking online about how bad Mercury Retrograde is, but it doesn't seem to affect me the way it does my friends... am I just lucky? Or is there another reason why I don't feel this kind of energy?"
"Do other planets go through a retrograde? I've heard about the Mercury one on my newsfeed, nothing about the other planets though. Should I only worry about Mercury?"
"Is there a better way for me to work on my intentions and manifestations? Sometimes I feel like I am constantly fighting with myself, to get the results that I want. And something ALWAYS goes wrong during retrograde season- help!
"What does 'retrograde' even mean? Why do the planets do this, and why does it have this big impact on our lives? I don't know a lot about astrology yet but I have heard about this a lot and want to know more so I can prepare myself for what is coming..."
Your Ultimate Guide to 2022 Retrogrades is Waiting!
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  • Retrograde Do's and Don'ts 101 - Wondering if you should text your ex? Or ask for a promotion maybe?? Know for sure with each planet's Do's and Don'ts section! 📝
  • A Detailed Breakdown of Every. Single. 2022 Retrograde - Be ready for every type of retrograde energy coming at you this year, with a full breakdown of each event happening in 2022 👀
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